In the name of Abruzzo

In the beginning there was a marriage: one between the Spinozzi family of Canzano and the Cerulli Irelli family of Teramo. The bride, Maddalena, was heir to an ancient and noble family. The groom, Enrico, was the youngest and brilliant member of a cultured and respectable middle-class family, active in trade and the administration of public affairs.

Out of their common love and passion for agriculture was born the company Cerulli Spinozzi. Set amidst the rolling hills of Abruzzo, in the province of Teramo, the vineyards offer a sense of calm industriousness, serenely overlooked by “His Majesty,” the Gran Sasso, which on the clearest days dazzles onlookers with the purity and gleam of its glaciers.

Today, in the intense ruby-red color of their Montepulciano d’Abruzzo, the Cerulli Spinozzi family’s dedication to the viticulture that follows the principles of organic agriculture has met the goal of Sartori di Verona, a century-old family winery, to extend itself beyond the boundaries of the Veneto in search of new ventures in high-quality wine.

The result is a venture that has its roots in the bountiful land of Abruzzo, but that embraces the prospect of the world market, ensuring Abruzzo a prominent position among well-known producers and visibility in the area of food and wine tourism.

Two historic companies; a common goal.

Sartori di Verona, a leading international wine producer, is a company that, despite its size, maintains strong ties with its native Veneto and with the many small producers in the area. Today, by the Cantina di Colognola ai Colli joining Sartori’s board of directors, these producers align their own work with the business goals of the historic Veronese winery.

The same is true for Cerulli Spinozzi: both companies are aligned in their ways of thinking about and of making wine, in their strong bond with the land and its people, in their sharing agricultural values that don’t seek to exploit resources, but rather aim to preserve the finest fruits and their typicality.

The common goal of both companies is to emphasize the viticultural heritage of the area by replanting many vineyards destined to produce prestigious wines and, at the same time, by constantly maintaining old vines that are perhaps not as generous in yield, but are of excellent quality.

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