Ancient grapes varieties

amarone production

Amarone wine is an Italian wine produced from a mixture of dry, red wines. The grapes utilized includes Corvina, which can vary from 45 to 95 percent of the grapes, Rondinella (five to 30 percent) and a selection of approved red grape variations (zero-25 percent).

Ancient grapes varieties

Amarone wine is an extremely ripe, almost raisiny wine with very little acid in it. Due to the maturity of the grape when used, the alcohol content of the wine often is higher than 15 percent, with the minimum being 14.

Ancient grapes varieties

Most Amarone wine is held for at least five years after the vintage before ever being released to the public.

Sartori, noble wines devoted to Verona

The fascination with a history, the tight bond with a region, the power of a personality embodied in elegant wines that narrate the most intense of love stories: that of Sartori for Verona.

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