A fertile background

red grape varieties

No country like Italy can boast of such a variety of wines and vineyards. Throughout the centuries every village around the peninsula developed its typical wine variety growing different types of grapes and experimenting alternative methods of production.

The huge variety of Italian wines

There are over one million vineyards in the country, producing 329 DOC wines, 73 DOCG and 118 IGT, but only a small part of them is known abroad.

Red grapes varieties of Valpolicella

The vineyards of the fertile Valpollicella produce typical red grapes varieties which are blended to produce high-quality wines like the Amarone that summarizes all the idiosyncrasies of this land (it is made with Corvina, Corvinone and Rondinella grapes as a base, and for a maximum of 10% of other grapes, usually Molinara or Oseleta).

Sartori, noble wines devoted to Verona

The fascination with a history, the tight bond with a region, the power of a personality embodied in elegant wines that narrate the most intense of love stories: that of Sartori for Verona.

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