Authentic passion for wine production

red wine production

"Sartori di Verona is a company that has embraced the challenge of organic wine production and the "I Saltari" brand is testament to rigorous wine making techniques which maintain the integrity of the landscape and the soil on which the grapes are grown. "

Teaming up for quality

The 2003 agreement between Sartori and the Cerulli Spinozzi estate was a further move into organic wine making and maintaining and improving the 53 acres of indigenous grapes on the estate.

The future of red wine production

For the future Sartori di Verona intends to continue its moves into creating authentic and timeless wines that stand the test of time. This will be by way of continuing the Veronese tradition of staying in close contact with nature and the countryside.

Sartori, noble wines devoted to Verona

The fascination with a history, the tight bond with a region, the power of a personality embodied in elegant wines that narrate the most intense of love stories: that of Sartori for Verona.

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