Different methods for the sparkling wine production

sparkling wine production

Sparkling wine is obtained essentially in two ways. The classic method is the one used in France to produce the Champagne, where de gas is produced by means of a second fermentation in the bottles of a still wine. The Prosecco wine instead is obtained with the Charmat method where the gas that creates the bubbles is produced from the fermentation process itself.

The origins

Sparkling wine has been round since the time of the Greeks and Romans, but at this point in time they did not understand what caused the bubbles. It wasn't until the 17th Century where the English discovered what causes the bubbles in the white wine, which is from a halt in fermentation, leaving residual sugars.

A curiosity

Sparkling wine grapes are harvested earlier in the season in order to maintain a higher acid level than traditional wine grapes.

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