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The Seven Kinds of White Wine

There are mainly seven major kinds of white wines on the market, each one with variations and sub-categories derived from the original seven. These different wines come from different regions in Italy and around the world, based on what is required to grow the grapes. 11,800 ha of Chardonnay is produced in Italy every year, which is the fourth largest producer of this wine. Sauvignon blanc comes primarily from France, although it is also grown in New Zealand and Australia. Semillon is another French based white wine while Moscato is a desert based wine due to its west flavor. Pinot Grigio is a true Italian wine, while Gewürztraminer and Riesling are out of Germany.

Italian wine production

Italy is the first wine producer in the world, followed by Spain and France, and it is also the oldest one. The Italian white wine production is characterized by great variety and high quality. In spite of this great variety, every winemaker may differentiate further each type of wine by varying the blending, the production or the cultivation process.

Great variety and great quality

All this creativity leads to developing and innovation but can also be confusing for the consumer. Relying on established and awarded wineries like Sartori di Verona, with long tradition but strong innovation capabilities in the white wine production, is an assurance of high quality products together with a first-class service.

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The fascination with a history, the tight bond with a region, the power of a personality embodied in elegant wines that narrate the most intense of love stories: that of Sartori for Verona.
We are in Valpolicella, an area, punctuated by wine, olive,and cherry trees, that for four generations has provided the background for the fortune of the Sartori di Verona family.
A journey rich of stories, characters, opportunities, and life choices.

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