CORTE BRÀ Amarone della Valpolicella Classico Riserva DOCG


Area of production

The Corte BrĂ  estate in the Classico northern hills of Verona.



60% Corvina Veronese
20% Corvinone
15% Rondinella
5% Oseleta


Food pairings

Meditation wine. It can be best enjoyed with elaborated recipes, tasty meats, game and aged cheeses.


Soil composition

Clay, calcareous.


Tasting Notes

Intense red in colour tending to garnet with aging. A wide bouquet, fine and complex with characteristic notes of red fruits jam and spices. Intense fragrances of cherry, dried fruit and tobacco stand out. When tasted, this wine inebriates the palate thanks to its exceptional power and extreme balance. and persistent.


Bottle size

750 ml - Code AMADB06GDO
1500 ml - Code AMASS01GDO

This wine is the result of a noteworthy vintage, thanks to its favourable climatic conditions. At the beginning of October, the grapes are rigorously selected in the vineyard, hand-picked and placed in small boxes. Only the best bunches are then put on traditional wooden trellis in large and air-conditioned dry lofts. During this drying process that lasts about four months, a series of biochemical transformations take place until the grapes’ ideal dryness degree is reached. A further careful selection of the best bunches takes place. Afterwards a soft pressing is started, followed by the maceration and alcoholic fermentation that allow the right structure and alcohol content to be reached. Then the wine ages for about six years in small and mediumsized barrels. Finally, after bottling, the wine matures in the bottle for at least six months.
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