Valpolicella Ripasso Superiore DOC


Area of production

Mezzane valley


Soil composition

On terraced hillsides, the deep-rooted vines are situated at 150 to 300metres above sea level, the soil is highly calcareous with medium alkalinity. The lack of water and the rocky surface layer creates a unique environment which produces few, but very high-quality grapes.


Food pairings

An excellent wine for robust first courses, such as mushroom risotto. Ideal with all meat courses such as grilled meats, roasts and game. Excellent also with cold cuts and medium matured cheeses.



60% Corvina
10% Corvinone
20% Rondinella
10% Croatina


Tasting Notes

Intense red colour, with a wide, intense bouquet, elegant, persistent with traces of small red fruits and toasted wood. The taste is soft and velvety with an excellent concentration and persistence typical of Valpolicella, although having notes of fruit and spices with undertones of chocolate.

The grapes are carefully selected during the harvest in the vineyard, they are then pressed using a delicate Pigiadiraspatura (pressing and separation of stalks). This is followed by fermentation at a controlled temperature for 8 to 10 days. At the end of the alcoholic fermentation the new wine is stored in stainless steel vats before being " ripassato" (passed over the pressed grapes used to make Amarone wine). This is the major characteristic of this wine the "ripasso" of the new wine over the pressed Amarone grapes which are pressed in February, gives rise to a second fermentation which helps extract both the tannins and aroma typical of Amarone. Thanks to this process the wine acquires structure and a long shelf life. After racking the wine undergoes the process of malolactic fermentation followed by a careful selection of the various lots. the wine is then matured in medium sized wooden casks for 36 to 48 months. After bottling the wine rests for a further 6 months at a controlled temperature.
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