Valpolicella Superiore DOC


Area of production

Mezzane valley


Soil composition

Terraced hillside vineyards between 150m and 300m above sea level. Calcareous alkaline soil with medium depth root penetration. A combination of excellent drainage (& poor water retention by the soil) together with a stony textured topsoil, create the ideal condition for high quality and low yield grape production.


Food pairings

Tasty Pasta, Roast Meat, Grilled Red Meats & Mature Cheeses.



60% Corvina
10% Corvinone
20% Rondinella
10% Croatina


Tasting Notes

Ruby red colour of nice intensity. Aroma of small berries, reaching from currant to blackberry jam, hints of tobacco and leather. Light bouquet of vanished flowers, well integrated with the wood, hints of liquorice. Excellent balance on the palate, wellbodied. Sensations of vanilla and cherry melting intensively with the aftertaste.


Bottle size

750 ml - Code VALSB06SAL
1500 ml - Code VALSS01SAL
3000 ml - Code VALSZ01SAL
5000 ml - Code VALSV01SAL
9000 ml - Code VALSN01SAL

Grapes are carefully selected & placed in small plastic crates and carried immediately to the winery. Here a second selection is done on a conveyer belt before pressing the grapes. Vinification then takes place in temperature-controlled stainless steel tanks where, through maceration & fermentation and the use of techniques such as rack & return and regular pumpovers, the new wine is born. Once the wine has been racked off its gross lees, it is transferred to barrels to undergo Malolactic Fermentation. Barrel sizes vary from: 2000-2500lt casks, 500lt Puncheons, 225lt Barriques. During the 12-14 months, the wine goes through regular rackings and topping-up of the barrels until final blending, imparting balance, finesse, and suppleness of tannins.
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